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Our Yatra

Our Yatra

THE HOLY KAILASH which is the abode of Lord Shiva & his Consort Goddess Parvathi is situated in Tibet Autonomous region (TAR) in CHINA. This Holy Hill is the only mountain in the world in which no human has set his foot till date. Myths & Stories about Holy Kailash have never been envisaged by anyone and it is the Truth that Sanatana Dharma evolves from here in all sanctity and richness attributed by the Glorious Visuals & Experiences. The gallery is testimony to the Glorious truth that Holy Kailash offers us in reality.

There are two Lakes situated near the Holy Kailash Hills. Holy Manasarovar which is a fresh water lake is situated at a height of 13770 feet above Main Sea level is 320 sq kilometre. In proximity is the saptarishi hills known to be the abode of seven spiritual rishis who perform daily poojas to Lord Shiva. Everyday the Seven Rishis taking bath in the Holy Lake before performing Pooja to Lord Shiva is a glorious sight for all to see early After Brahma Muhurtham.

Lake Rakshasthal is a salt water lake measuring 250 sq km and is situated at a height of 13335 feet above main Sea Level. this lake is shaped in the form of a half moon. Holy Manasarovar Lake is shaped in the form of a Sun. Our Holy scriptures forbid us to take bath in Rakshashthal as it is known to bring negative vibrations.

The Holy Parikrama or Girivalam as it is familiarly known in South India is a 52 km journey around the Holy Kailash Hill. The Parikrama starts 2 km from the small town of darchen and ends 3 km's ahead of darchen. the Parikrama is started after offering prayers in a small temple called Yamadhwar or the Entrance to the gateway to Lord Yama's abode. After a mild stretch of 15 kms taken by foot, we arrive at Deraphuk, which is the foothill of Holy Kailash & the nearest to the Holy Abode. A mild trek of 3.7 kms up from Derapuk takes us to Charan Sparsh the Grand Holy Spot where we offer prayers directly to Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati.

After this is the Dolma Hills which is a 7 km steep climb. Yatris who cannot climb the hill are given the option of Taking a Pony with Porter to be at ease. On the top is the Parvat called Gauri Kund where Maa Parvathi takes bath everyday. A small pond is seen down. The Holy water is said to deliver miracles.

After Climbing down Dolma hill we walk a straight passage which leads to Junjulphuk. Here we halt for the penultimate night before completing the Holy Parikrama.

The Last day begins earlyin the morning & after walking a soft straight stretch and once we reach the end point of the stretch the Holy Parikrama is Gloriously completed.

The Indian Leads

The Holy Yatra is lead by Two Young, Highly Educated & Experienced Ardent Shiva devotees, well accustomed to daily Pooja Rituals & who have visited The Holy Hills many times through the toughest trekking Traditional Route passing through Lipulekh Pass in Tibet. The trek involves a gruelling 250 kilometres which cannot be taken by all. It takes 26 full days to complete this Yatra and both up & down , the Yatri has to go by foot. One of the leads is well educated with the Local Chinese Language which helps the yatris do shopping with effortless ease. The Tibetan side has two additional guides familiar with the Nepalese language to assist us.

Health & Fitness

This Yatra involves high altitude road journeys and the acclimatization plays a vital role in it. Yatris can be assured that fitness programs advised by us will solve it with effortless ease. Our Yoga Gurus & our leads with expertise will be guiding Yatris to be physically fit make the yatra more memorable. Every minute aspect of Yatris wellness is taken into consideration and expert advise is provided to make the Yatra a purely scintillating one. Generally advance check-ups & guidance help Yatris get acclimatized better and eases their effort of trekking & walking. Exercises, proper food & sleeping habits, herbal medication helps Yatris achieve desire results without much ado.

Our exclusive Poojas & Prayers add to the strength of the Yatri in making his/her wish of seeing & Cherishing Lord Mahadev in Kailash without any worry.

Clothing & Daily Wear

Apart from the regular everyday wear each Yatri will carry a set of Specialized Clothing and accessories which are procured in advance before commencement of the Yatra. The best suited for the Yatra are recommended by us which are very economical and fullfill the needs of the Yatri. Additional material if any required can be easily purchased enroute to Holy Kailash. Currency: Indian Rupee (INR) / US Dollar (USD) & Chinese Yuan (RMB) are the main currencies traded. We assist the Yatri's to get the best bargain in exchange of the same as to the requirement. Yatri's can carry extra currency as per their wish subject to Government regulations.